Solar Bike Paths Are Here!

No longer just a dream, but solar roads are here starting with solar bike paths replacing pavement in the Netherlands.

imageA 70-metre section of this solar road can supply enough electrical energy for 2 homes. Kudos to Solaroad for making it happen.

The solar roadway idea was promoted here earlier. I am so excited to see it becoming a reality in a country where cycling is a way life. We can do it too. It may take a while, but we replaced dirt roads with pavement all over the world, now let’s make them solar.





Interesting to think about solar bike ways and how they are making them in Korea where they are actually covered bike paths, protecting bikers from the elements and are angled to optimize the sun’s rays. These are less likely to be broken as the sidewalk type solar path ways. Check our the Korean solar bike path here.




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