Welcome to Pedal Green! Hi, I’m Nancy or for fun, Nancycle. One of my passions is riding a bike. I am also passionate about taking care of the planet we have been given to enjoy. A few years ago, I had the idea for generating power to put back in the grid from pedaling a bike.

Picture3-150x150I could see fitness centers full of people madly spinning away on bikes, producing energy to put back into the grid or to operate  the TV, while burning off calories. Kids could power up their video games and other tech toys, while getting some much needed exercise and all this, without relying on fossil fuels.


While looking for a design engineer, I found pedal power generators already on the market. Super!  So, here I am promoting clean, healthy, economical generators. I hope you catch the vision of what each one of us in our own generation can do. You may want to make your own pedal power generator and be even more economical and earth-friendly.
Have fun and keep pedaling!


Picture2-150x150My purpose with pedal power is to:

• host interactive pedal power events
• promote pedal power generators to environmentally conscious institutions and individuals
• provide educational workshops for schools and other interested groups
• provide free pedal power generators to people living in countries where electricity is not available or affordable

“Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, O God till I declare your power to the next generation, your might to all who are to come.  Psalm 71:18