Pedals, Problems and Pedagogy

Physical exercise is being touted as improving the ability to learn. According to Dutch researchers,  time spent actively moving enhances the ability to retain information like those times tables that kept eluding me as a youngster.  Seems it would have been better had I memorized them while pedaling my bike or jumping rope.

By throwing in some pedal powered bikes into the mix at schools,  we can save on the electrical bills and reduce our carbon footprint at the same time. Pedal power in schools; a win, win, win!

Watch these clips and see students in action.



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Gyms Going Green with Pedal Power Energy

It is even easier to go green at fitness centers and in schools. We can do it. Imagine our universities and schools where students get in shape and make and save electricity. It can be and is, being done.

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Pedal Power!

I am so excited to share this…pedal power is emerging on the world scene more and more. Kudos to Manoj Bhargava and pedal power, the founder of the Free Electric hybrid bike and for all the good he is doing with helping people desperate for electricity. One hour of pedaling can power your home for twenty-four hours. Imagine what all the fitness centers and schools across the country could produce.
We can do it!

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Pedal Power Mower

Pedal Powered Lawn Mower screen shot from Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism

I couldn’t resist posting this pedal power image from the colourful promotional video of Newfoundland and Labrador.  I hope you will be able to take  time to slow down and one day visit the delightful people and places in this truly unique location in Canada.

Here is their complete video.

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Working Bikes

What a treat to come across these folks at Christianiabikes.  I am thrilled to promote them here. They have oodles of designs for bikes from child transport to transport of goods and a bike that sets up as a display. I thought it was a barbecue on wheels like the old ice cream bikes my husband drove for his first job.
Check out the gallery of bikes here.
Here is a taste of my favourites.

making mobile, the immobile

Making mobile, the immobile. photo from





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