Chocolate and Bicycles Again!

imageThe bicycle factory is now open for 2015! Go ahead, eat chocolate and make more bikes for kids in Africa.

100 chocolate bars =1 bicycle.

Enjoy a chocolate bar, submit the UPC code to and you have just created one virtual bike part. All it takes is 100 parts to make a bicycle. A fair trade chocolate bar will make two bike parts. The best part is that these bikes are shipped to children in countries like Ghana where bikes mean freedom and easier access to school, which means education and education, means change.


Ghana is where William Cadbury sourced his cocoa in the early 1900’s and Cadbury continues to do so today. Since 2009, Cadbury has been giving back to Ghana through their bike building program. You can be even more helpful if you purchase fair trade Cadbury chocolate which ensures that the cocoa growers in Ghana are getting fair wages. In 2011 they made 3,283 bicycles. Be sure to check out the bicycle factory website and see the video clips that show how these bikes are changing lives.
In summary, if you purchase 100 chocolate bars you can make one bike. If you plan to eat all the chocolate, you will probably want to pedal off all the calories and if you do it on a pedal power generator, think of all the free electricity you will generate! Talk about a win, win, win!

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