Pedal Power Rocks

The bike lovers at Rock the Bike are wonderful.  Look what they are doing with pedal power.  You can rent pedal power bikes from them to power up a stage show, 0r a fun event where you can splatter paint or make ice cream off grid. Perhaps you would rather set up a smoothie making station at your local market and rent a bike blender. Combine  Rock the Bike rentals and students at schools and universities and watch the world changers rock the world with pedal power!

pedal powered ice cream

pedal powered ice cream

blender bikes race to make smoothies

blender bikes race to make smoothies

spinning paint

pedal power spins the paint

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1 Response to Pedal Power Rocks

  1. Thanks for the props and good luck with your work growing bike culture in Nova Scotia. I had a chance to do a bike tour of Nova Scotia and PEI as a teenager. So beautiful.

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