Solar and Pedal Powered Transportation



Two seater Solarped 

How exciting!   Rhoades Car has just released the new Rhoades Solarped. As if their other four wheeled bicycles were not super enough.  This little vehicle is 100% solar powered meaning it never has to be plugged in and is totally off grid. Riders have the option to pedal while riding and help recharge the battery and get some exercise or rely on the solar panel to do it all. Bill Pomakoy, president of Rhoades Car said, “I took the two seater out for a 17 mile ride and returned with absolutely no battery drain whatsoever. I could have gone for hours and hours more.” So far there are one and two person models available with a four person model in the works for 2014.  I wonder when they will make one for those of us who are facing snow in the next coming months?



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