Pedal Powered Music Festivals


pedal powered microphones and amplifiers

pedal powered microphones and amplifier  

If ‘You Think You Can’t Dance’ but like music and want the exercise, head on over to the Toronto Bicycle Music Festival, hop onto one of the pedal power generating bicycles and listen to one of the many live bands as you help power up the sound equipment. People taking turns on one of two bikes will keep the electricity flowing, the music going, feet tapping and the atmosphere festive, at the 4th annual Toronto Bicycle Festival, being held September 7, 2013. James Davis, the founder of the Toronto Bicycle Music Festival (TBMF) was inspired by the San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival, the largest fully bike powered music festival in the world.


Some of the bands featured at past festivals are Lemon Bucket Orkestra, the Complete Street Band and the Cycling Oriented Puppet Squad, Juno Award nominee, Strumbellas and Amélie & Les Singes Bleus. Snowblink is shown below. All photos taken by Karol Orzechowski .
pedal power concert Toronto Music Festival

Want to start your own bicycle powered music festival? Check here

Also a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to TBMF for winning the first place Livegreen Toronto Award.

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