The Amazing Copenhagen Wheel

Still in the final stages of production the Copenhagen Wheel is well worth the wait. It can transform your bicycle into a hybrid e-bike. The energy dissipated while cycling and braking is captured in the Copenhagen Wheel and stored for when you want to use it to go up that long hill or if you just get tired of pedaling and need a boost. Also, using GPS technology and an iPhone, a sensor provides information on pollution levels, traffic congestion, traveling distance and road conditions which can be delivered directly to the rider.
Watch what this amazing addition to your bike can do.

 a special spoke design enables the Copenhagen Wheel to fit on any bike wheel
I can hardly wait to see bicycles fitted with this amazing invention taking over our roads in Canadian cities and towns. What wonderful physical shape we will all be in, breathing cleaner air and getting to our destinations in a much better frame of mind. We can do it! (Now we need a good invention to make it feasible in the winter)

Photos by Max Tomasinelli

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