Pedal Powered Rhoades Cars

Gas prices got you down? No problem, when you travel using a pedal powered Rhoades Car. David King who has been riding a Rhoades Car for the past 13 years says, “I just thought you might like to know that my single-seat Rhoades Car, which is 13 years old, is still rolling along the highways and byways of central Wyoming. And I, at the age of 72, am still happily pushing its pedals. Thank you for a helluva lotta enjoyment and good health over the years!”

What’s not to love about these environmentally friendly, “wahoo” fun, pedal powered cars?

Check out the Rhoades Car movie showing the many types of Rhoades vehicles available.

Here is a video that tells the story about this wonderful invention.

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2 Responses to Pedal Powered Rhoades Cars

  1. Enjoyed the video. Can power can be generated from this bike to possibly rely on after a certain speed is attained? Are there more aerodynamic models? What kind of top speed can be attained? How much does it cost? Thx for your time & the ingenuity to build this.

    • Nancy says:

      Good Morning Nick,

      I am sorry I have not responded earlier to your email. We have moved and things got way laid in the process
      I have forwarded your questions on to Rhoades Cars who are the makers of these delightful machines and I hope they will reply to you soon.


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