Make Your Own Sustainable Global Village

When I was a kid I loved Meccano and making things out of what was found around the house. I still like reusing and fixing what I already have rather than buying new ‘landfill’ at the store.  Marcin Jakubowski , an ultimate do-it-yourself guy, has created what is called a Global Village Construction Set, a Meccano kid’s life size dream!

Open Source Ecology  says “the Global Village Construction Set is a modular, DIY, low-cost, high-performance platform that enables fabrication of the 50 different Industrial Machines that it takes to build a small, sustainable civilization with modern comforts”. Marcin shares his blueprints on how to make everything from sawmills, well drilling rigs, cars and bakery ovens, to power cubes, induction furnaces and dairy milkers!  He even makes bikes out of bamboo. Marcin Jakubowski is a world changer!
Check out one of his videos here.This first one shows a chart of all the machines you can make. Click on one of the highlighted machines and it will take you to a ‘how to’ video. Have fun!




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