5 Reasons Bicycles are Better Than Cars

Speed? – yup, speed. How many traffic jams have you been stuck in and a cyclist happily whizzes by?

Environmental Cleanliness – can you get any cleaner transportation?

Health – let’s see, if we start with getting more oxygen to the brain, follow it with preventing heart disease, reducing stress, improving cognitive development and conquering obesity, then biking earns top marks for health benefits

Cost Effectiveness – compared to a car? There is no comparison when you look at gas prices, insurance car payments, parking tickets, etc.

View– my senses are on overdrive while biking and there is no windshield to impede the scenery. I also tend to meet more people while on a bike than cooped up in a car.

Why not rent a bike first  and try one out. Like the men’s hair product slogan used to say….you’ll be glad you did.

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