Earth ARC Farm Day September 18, 2011

Normally I do not write about things that are not linked with pedal power, but I want to help a place that does its best to help rescue horses from senseless slaughter. Actually pedal power could be used to pump water if the power goes out. Anyway, this special place is called Earth ARC; the ARC standing for Animal Respite Center. Earth ARC is a place where animals who through no fault of their own, find themselves without a caring owner after years of faithful service. Owners may die or just get tired or financially burdened of caring for a horse. When Earth ARC finds out, they do all they can to accommodate them. The problem is, it costs money to keep them fed and to pay for a vet when needed. This weekend, September 18, Earth ARC will be taking part in the Farm Day around the province of Nova Scotia. From 11 am until 4 pm you can wander around the farm and visit the horses and learn their varied stories of their rescue or why they are there to live out their last days in peace. Along with the opportunity to explore the barns and pat the horses in the fields, or cuddle kittens and visit the goats, there will be a BBQ, games of all sorts, musical entertainment, a scavenger hunt, yard sale, pony rides, wagon rides, hands-on opportunities on horse care and tours of the barns. Many of the horses are sponsored by people who care about animals, and there are many more who would love a special someone to be there companion. If you can come, please do and bring a friend. This is Earth ARC’s major fund raiser. The cost to visit is free, but activities have a minimum charge and of course donations are always welcome. You can make a huge difference right here in Pictou County to the lives of these animals.  Who knows, you may even fall in love with a horse!

Follow these directions and you will find Earth ARC:       
*take Lyons Brook/Durham exit
*drive 15.5 km
(when you see flashing yellow, you’ve gone too far)
*turn right on Heron Rd.
*keep going on Heron Rd. until
you see barn/arena on the left hand side.

*exit #19 Saltsprings
* turn right
*take the 1st left after Saltsprings Picnic Park.
* drive 3kms& take 1st dirt road on the right.                     
*at the end of this road turn left
and the barn/arena is on the left.

*Exit 20 turn right then left at Ross Fraser Sales
*just before West River Fire Station turn right
* drive short distance then turn left on Heron Road and 2 miles up you will be at the farm.

Facebook Group:!/group.php?gid=2945720639

We also have an Earth ARC song you can listen to here as well as see more photos of the place.





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