Generations Generating Good Clean Energy and Fun!

Pedal Power Generation Site HeaderPictou County got their first look at pedal power generation at the Passport to Health Fair on Saturday May 14, 2011. People were free to hop on a bike hooked to the 300 watt belt generator and light up the light bulb or Christmas tree. Many people had never even heard about generating electricity from a bike. Several people caught the vision of what pedal power could mean for our fitness centers, schools and yes, even the prison that is to be built in the county. A video clip was shown of inmates pedaling for the privilege to watch TV, which many people thought was a terrific idea. Others were thinking of the benefits of pedaling to get in shape and being able to store the energy for future power outages or a hurricane. A number of people were impressed with the fact that you could get your dinner paid for in Copenhagen if you pedaled for a certain amount of time. It truly was a “generation” event, with mums, dads, kids, grandparents and even a great grandmother pedaling the bike and generating good clean energy and fun!

Special thanks to the Pictou County Health Authority who provided funding for this wonderful event and to Patti Ryan who pulled it all together so beautifully.

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