Pedal and Play

Growing up playing outdoors after school was the norm, when I was a kid. Dr. Mark Tremblay, Chief Scientific Officer, Active Healthy Kids Canada, and Director of HALO says “Time spent being active outdoors after school lowers levels of anxiety, anger, fatigue and sadness.” More outdoor activity would be ideal, but too many kids today are exercising less and spending more time glued to their electrical devices. “The Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card has given children and youth an F for physical activity levels for a fifth year in a row” says Clare Mellor of the Chronicle Herald. There must be some good news about what we can do? It may difficult for kids to drop their screen obsession ‘cold turkey’ and head outside for exercise, but we can meet them half way and hook up the TV, computer, video game or hand held device to a pedal power generator. They can pedal and play and maybe they will eventually unplug and ride a bike outside around the neighbourhood. Let’s get an E for Effort, help our kids grow up healthy and happy and give them an A for Active!

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