Pedal for the Prize and Pedal for Pop

More musings and dreams that may become a reality faster than I can get this posted. The gaming company, IGT, boasts that it is becoming more environmentally responsible. I hope they cotton on to the idea that all gaming companies could soon do the same and have patrons pedaling for the prize!
I have been told that the average slot machine uses about 500W of energy. If anyone has any more stats on power consumption of VLTs and slot machines, please let me know.

500 W could easily be generated by the rows of people sitting at slot machines, pedaling on pedal power generators hooked up to the machines and video lottery terminals. What a way to save energy, satisfy the urge to gamble and maintain a healthy weight! Maybe even with all the endorphins generated along with electrical power, people will become less addicted. While I am at it, how about pedal powering the vending machines that entice us with sugary pop and sweets, so people can pedal for pop!

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