Watts and Watts of Energy

The average cyclist can generate about 100 to 200 watts of power an hour. The more fit the cyclist, the more power generated. Once you get in better shape you can start popping popcorn and percolating coffee.  Here is a list of a few things that the average cyclist can easily power up:    W = watts

  • Clock radio                           1W
  • Charging a cell phone         5W
  • Electric Shaver                  15W
  • Stereo                                 20W
  • Table Fan                     10-25W
  • CD player                            35W
  • VCR                                     40W
  • Laptop Computer       20-50W
  • Desktop Computer    80-150W 
  • Printer                               100W
  • TV (25in. colour)              150W

Of course, if you would like to stop pedaling and still use the power, it can be stored in a battery and used later to power up larger items.  Makes a person think twice about leaving a light on. I’ll do my bit to save energy and stop vacuuming so much…yippee!

Easy ones:

  • 40W light bulb             40W   = 11W CF (compact fluorescent)
  • 60W light bulb             60W   = 16 W CF
  • 100W light bulb         100W   = 30 W CF
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