Benefits of Pedal Power in Schools

Healthy living, energy awareness, electricity and circuits, art and design are a few of the workshops offered by Electric Pedals benefiting students in the schools in the U.K.  While having fun pedaling a bike, students are being inspired and encouraged to make positive changes now, for their future, tomorrow. Pedal power has endless possibilities in schools. Take it into the science class and learn about energy consumption and electricity first hand. Take it into the biology class and learn how the human body works. Take it into the computer lab and stay in shape while doing assignments. Take a number of bikes into the gym and lower the cost of electricity at the school. Why not take it into the music room and power up the boom box or electric guitar? Take it into the art class and do some wild spin art or maybe power up the potter’s wheel. Take it into the cafeteria and make healthy smoothies.  Take it into the auditorium and power up the sounds and lights for the school play. Take it into the staff room and teachers can stay in shape brewing their tea and coffee. However you use pedal power in schools, it is another win, win situation!

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