Pedal Power in the Pew

An environmentally conscious church hosted a viewing of the film, The Age of Stupid in their church with the projector powered entirely by pedal power. Many people complain that churches of all denominations spend too, much time eating at church suppers and gathering around food for fellowship and frankly, the pews are feeling the weight of it!

Pedal power can help solve the problem. Power up the praise team with pedal power. Power up the preacher plugged into his portable mike. Power up the lights and fans. Kids will love taking turns powering up the DVD and CD players while pedaling the Sunday school pedal power bike. Movie nights at church will find eager participants willing to power up the projector and pop the popcorn. Churches can even power up their suppers with pedal power. Take turns brewing the coffee and boiling the kettle for tea*. Pedal power could certainly keep the crock pots and steamers full of casserole dishes, hot! How about pedal power prayer? One good turn deserves another and another and another….

*tried with a 350 watt bike generator and it sure takes a lot of leg work!

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