Pedal Power Points Program

You’ve heard of the popular points awarded for buying groceries, gas and just about every other consumer good out there. Fitness centers, hotels, schools and countless other places could start rewarding cyclist for the ‘miles’ and watts of energy they produce and begin accumulating cycle miles. This is an extension of the same idea as Marvin Midwicki who “wants to link cyclists with socially responsible companies by creating CycleMiles.” Consumers would earn points based on a device that measures distance cycled and in the case of pedal power, how much is energy is generated. Midwicki suggests that the information would be collected and uploaded to a mobile device or home computer. “People should be rewarded for making smart choices and not driving their cars,” said Midwicki, who cites data that shows every motorist in Canada, on average, makes 2,000 car trips a year that are under 5 kilometres, which could be easily replaced with a 15-minute bike ride.”

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  1. Jan says:

    This would be a great idea for the CBC “Live Right Now” Program –


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