People losing interest at gym, not pounds.

A recent article in The Seattle Times says that people are losing interest in the big box gyms. There is no longer the feeling of community at the gym that was there in the ‘70s. It’s harder and harder to motivate people to go to the gym.

How about if we promote gyms as places to give back to each other and the environment? Some good, vigorous pedaling on pedal power generators will certainly burn off loads of calories and put clean, free energy back into the grid. Maybe there could be contests to see who can generate the most energy. Teams could compete against each other. Power credits could be accumulated over a certain period of time and the incentive to go to the gym becomes more of a fun sport with a bit of competion to keep the average exerciser  moving. . Fun can come back into the gym with the focus not on how big my muscles are compared to yours but on trimming the power bill while trimming the fat.

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