Power’s Out! School is Cancelled!

great day for a ski

Cold cereal, untoasted bread and the lack of hot tea or coffee for breakfast is not suffering by any means, but I realize again how much we rely on electric power for every day activities. Fortunately, I do not depend on an electric toothbrush. After a major snowstorm, no electricity and the temperature dropping rapidly in the house, I decided to stay under the covers a little bit longer this morning to stay warm and then noticed that in doing so; the house would be even colder if I waited. While  looking outside, the silence of the streets minus the streetlights, with thick, soft snow huddling up against the houses, at least makes me feel warm. That being said, today is a good day to make a cup of ‘joe’ and power up my laptop with a bike generator, although connecting to the internet is going to have to wait. I can even generate the power for a favourite TV show if desired and warm up while I pedal. I might do some badly needed dusting to stay warm, but I am thankful there is one more reason to put off vacuuming for another day.


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